In honor of Black History Month, we sat down with our Chief Social Initiative Officer, Kacy Swain, and Visual Content Manager, D’andrée Galipeau, to talk about their experience as black women working in the music industry.

    Burgeoning singer-songwriter Natalie Gelman is back with a new acoustic reinterpretation of a song from her new album Moth To The Flame — "Better Days."
    If you or your loved ones are missing home or each other this holiday season, here are some gift ideas from our favorite small, independent businesses to help chase the homesick blues away and spread some cheer.

    Americana is an all-encompassing genre that embraces artists for defining their own craft by the feel of the music, rather than the name of the genre. For fans, the music is allowed to be anything it wants to be just as long as it holds meaning. That's why we’ve come up with a few meaningful gift ideas for anyone and everyone who appreciates the reach and depth of Americana music.