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    Red Wanting Blue Announce Thirteenth Studio Album, Light It Up, and Release New Single "Goliath"
    Today, Nashville’s favorite shapeshifting singularity Aaron Lee Tasjan announced the release of his landmark new album, Stellar Evolution, landing on earth April 12. A celestial collection of sonically expansive anthems, connecting the far away universes of slacker indie rock, hyper-pop and new wave. Produced by Tasjan and Gregory Lattimer, the album showcases an innovative array of shimmering synth, club ready drums and angular guitar, and is undeniably his most realized sonic vision to date. Tasjan has cultivated a storied and outstanding career already, but his forthcoming album Stellar Evolution is just what the title says. A culmination of his fluid artistic expression and his diverse accomplishments, while clearly heading in a brand-new and innovative musical direction. Tasjan also announced his upcoming 2024 headline tour, including dates in New York City, Nashville and Los Angeles.
    Released today, Jesse Dayton unveils his latest single, “Baby’s Long Gone" - a soulful, finger-pickin’ country-blues masterpiece produced by Shooter Jennings.