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    "Vampire," The Second Single From Roan Yellowthorn's Upcoming Album, Is Out Now

    Indie-Pop duo Roan Yellowthorn have released "Vampire," the second single off their upcoming album, Another Life

    Roan Yellowthorn - VampireFollowing up on last month's release of "Little Love," Roan Yellowthorn has released "Vampire," the second single off their upcoming album, Another Life. Releasing May 14, 2021 via Blue Élan Records, the John Agnello (Kurt Vile, Alvvays, Dinosaur Jr.) produced 11-song set features Jackie McLean’s lush keyboards and keening, incisive vocals over the intricate drums of her partner Shawn Strack, with additional keys by Andy Burton, gentle guitar flourishes from Emil Amos, Mary Lattimore’s dreamy harp sounds, and basslines from Jesske Hume. Although airy dream-pop and laid-back '80s synth-pop are touchstones, Another Life boasts bursts of unexpected sonic color throughout. Here's what Jackie had to say about the release of "Vampire": This song is one of the first ones I wrote for my album. In writing it, I was able to synthesize an abundance of feeling and emotion into a metaphor that contained and illustrated everything I wanted to say. I remember where I was when I wrote it — parked in my car in a parking lot. Scribbling in my notebook. This was a song that I wrote all at once, not in bits and pieces. It was different from songs I’d written before — darker and more fierce. And, right away, I could imagine a sound for it. When I played it for Shawn, he came up with a drum beat that perfectly complemented the dark, menacing feeling. Because this was one of the first songs I wrote for the album, it was among those we had to wait the longest to hear in full production — with more instruments on it than just my piano and Shawn’s drums. Hearing the full band treatment once we were in the studio with John Agnello was one of the most exciting moments of our recording session. John and our collaborators were able to perfectly create the dark, ominous, lush sound that this song needed. This song is not about a real vampire — not the supernatural being you read about in horror stories. Not a literal supernatural being, anyway. But it’s about a presence that feels supernatural in its intensity and weight. An entity that doesn’t drain your blood but does drain your lifeforce. These beings are real. But they can be vanquished, just like Bram Stoker’s creatures can, although not necessarily in quite the same way. I love this song. I hope that you will, too. Sign up for our newsletter to get information from Blue Élan and Roan Yellowthorn delivered to your inbox. Follow Roan Yellowthorn on Instagram