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    Sinners and Saints - Limited Edition 180g Sunset LP

    This Order Includes:

    • Full release pressed on 180-gram vinyl in limited edition two-tone sunset 
    • Instant digital download of the entire album

    Nashville-based Southern Rock band The Vegabonds deal with the challenge of thriving in the face of unexpected events inSinners and Saints. With the help of Grammy®-nominated producer Tom Tapley (Blackberry Smoke), the album seamlessly blends the band's myriad of influences balancing a gritty, rocking performance with thoughtful songwriting. With something for fans of Tom Petty or The Allman Brothers,Sinners and Saints is a fresh take on a classic sound, paying homage to southern rock legends while sharing their own tales about heartache, tough times, and feeling good.

      Track Listing:

      Side A

      1. Juke and Jive
      2. Ain't Giving Up
      3. Can't Deal
      4. Heartache and a Memory
      5. Feels Right
      6. Sinners and Saints

      Side B

      1. Burnout
      2. Out of My Hands
      3. Wings and Prayers
      4. Colorado Evergreen
      5. Leo Fender