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    Born Free - Digital EP

    • Instant digital download of the Born Free EP

    Recorded in January 2020, Born Free features alternate acoustic studio versions of four songs from Soul Asylum’s critically acclaimed 2020 release Hurry Up and Wait. The acoustic EP gives fans an inside look into how these songs developed. As frontman Dave Pirner says of the project, "After I get the main idea for the song and have roughly figured out how to play it I show it to Ryan Smith and then we play it together. So, in a way, this is kind of showing how the songs were before we added the rhythm section. It's fun to cut live in the studio; there's no going back and you can't fix it. It's unembellished, therefore hopefully interesting."

    Check out the video for “Here We Go”:

      Track Listing:

      1. If I Told You (Acoustic)
      2. The Beginning (Acoustic)
      3. Here We Go (Acoustic)
      4. Got It Pretty Good (Acoustic)
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