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    The Peppermint Sessions - Premium Edition CD

    • CD Copy of The Peppermint Sessions - Premium Edition
    • Instant digital download of The Peppermint Sessions - Premium Edition

    Here’s what Red Wanting Blue had to say about the EP:

    “After incorporating live strings/horns at a few shows, we all agreed that we really wanted to have a live version of these tunes this way. There was no better place to make this happen than at Peppermintan all analog studio in Youngstown, OH. We called in our “Vampire Club” quartet (Jenna Barvitski, Megan LaMarca, Fred Burazer, Kyle O’Donnell) and our friends from Historian Recording Co. (Sam A. Buonavolonta, Melanie Rae, David J. Pokrivńàk) to film the whole thing. Our main man Greg edited the audio and our engineer David Axelrod mixed the session.” You can watch exclusive performance videos of Red Wanting Blue performing tracks off The Peppermint Sessions EP, filmed at Peppermint, on their YouTubehere

    With the premium edition CD, there are five bonus songs included which incorporate highlights from various promotional sessions the band did leading up to and during the release ofThe Wanting. “High and Dry” and “I’ve Got A Feeling It Hurts” were recorded at the Paste Studios in New York City on June 22, 2018. “Glass House” and fan favorite “My Name Is Death” were recorded atThe Underwater Sunshine Garden Session located in New York City on December 3, 2018.Hitchhiker’s Lullaby was recorded at the Daytrotter Horseshack Studio in Davenport, Iowa on June 22, 2018.  

      Track Listing:

      1. Glass House (Peppermint Session)
      2. This Is The End (Peppermint Session)
      3. Lily White (Peppermint Session)
      4. Real Thing (Peppermint Session)
      5. Hitchhiker's Lullaby (Peppermint Session)
      6. High And Dry (Bonus Track) - Paste Session
      7. I’ve Got A Feeling It Hurts (Bonus Track) - Paste Session
      8. Glass House (Bonus Track) - Underwater Sunshine Garden Session
      9. My Name Is Death (Bonus Track) - Underwater Sunshine Garden Session
      10. Hitchhiker’s Lullaby (Bonus Track) - Daytrotter Session
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