Moth To The Flame - CD

    Ojai, California based singer-songwriter Natalie Gelman’s Moth To The Flame is a sublimely melodic and heartfelt blend of polished production, telepathic musicianship, and finely crafted pop with emotionally raw lyrics and storytelling. The album was produced by Charlie Midnight (Joni Mitchell, Katy Perry), mixed by GRAMMY Awards®-winning sound engineer Jason Mariani (Lissie, Mumford & Sons) and mastered by  GRAMMY Awards®-winning engineer icon Bernie Grundman (Michael Jackson, OutKast.) Moth To The Flameis subtly lush and detailed with ethereal atmospherics, majestic cello flourishes, chiming electric guitars, stately piano, and layers of dreamy vocals. Gelman exhibits a stunning range as a vocalist, spanning delicately emotive phrasing to powerhouse full-voice singing. Her lyrics are both profoundly spare and poetically incisive, and her autobiographical songwriting boasts a universal resonance. Gelman’s songwriting recalls sophisticated-but-still-pop tunesmiths such as Jewel, Sara Bareilles, and Jason Mraz.

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    Track Listing:

    1. Photograph
    2. Stronger
    3. Heavy Heavy Heart
    4. The Answer
    5. The Way Things Go
    6. Better Days
    7. Some People
    8. Summer Song
    9. Love Let Me Go
    10. The Devil
    11. I’d Do It Without You
    12. Unloving You
    13. Won’t Matter Anymore