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    Jack Tempchin, San Diego native and prolific songwriter behind some of the Eagles' most iconic hits, marks his return to Blue Élan with his latest album More of Less. With a career that spans decades, highlighted by an array of hits written for artists including Glenn Frey, George Jones and Emmylou Harris, and an induction into The Songwriters Hall of Fame in June 2019, Jack Tempchin stands as a revered songwriter whose contributions continue to resonate with audiences worldwide.

    In Tempchin's latest venture, More of Less, he collaborates with producer Jeff Larson, marking his 13th studio album. The genesis of this collaboration traces back to Tempchin's encounter with Larson while opening for the band America. Larson, known for his extensive work with iconic acts like America and The Beach Boys, offered to produce an album for Tempchin.

    The album's inception spans over the past few years, with its title track taking root during the tumultuous period of the 2020 shutdown. Reflecting on this time, Tempchin recounts finding solace in the simple pleasures of life, spending countless hours by the beach, serenading the sea with melodies known only to him. “We were all isolated and I started going to the beach, all day everyday, sitting on the cliff overlooking the ocean playing music that no one else could hear,” explains Tempchin. “A lot of the busy complications of life fell away and were replaced by simpler more beautiful things, like the music and the sea and the sky. I got happier and wrote this song to remind myself that More of Less can be a wonderful way to go.”

    Track Listing:

    1. More of Less
    2. The Swing
    3. It's What I've Got
    4. Every Hello is Goodbye
    5. Sea Fever
    6. Funny How You Know
    7. You Can Go Home
    8. Keep on Doing
    9. A Lot More Nothing
    10. Valentine
    11. Jazzbird
    12. Beautiful Simple Day
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