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    One Woman Army - CD

    • CD Copy of One Woman Army by The Kirk Pasich Project (feat. Scout Durwood)
    • Instant digital download of the album

    This is the first release from Kirk Pasich, a co-founder of Blue Élan Records and KZZ Music. Kirk formed this a new musical project to bring his production concepts to life through collaboration with various musicians. The first featured vocalist is Scout Durwood, a multi-talented musician, actor, writer, and filmmaker. The EP features five inspired covers spanning nearly 70 years of music history. Despite the variety among the tracks, the production imbues each song with pop-rock energy and country twang, while staying true to their original spirit.  Pasich and Durwood were joined by a variety of noted artists, producers, and engineers in the studio.  The holiday single, “Christmas in L.A.,” is featured on Alternate Root’s Top Ten Songs of the Week.  As one of the early reviews says (thank you Raised by Cassettes):  “It really does feel like there is something for everyone here to open you up into the world of both Scout Durwood and Kirk Pasich.” Stay tuned for more to come, this is just the beginning for the Kirk Pasich Project.

      Track Listing:

      1. One Woman Army (feat. Scout Durwood)
      2. Unchained Melody  (feat. Scout Durwood)
      3. Hanky Panky  (feat. Scout Durwood)
      4. Help  (feat. Scout Durwood)
      5. Christmas in L.A.  (feat. Scout Durwood)
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