My Side Of Paradise - CD

    My Side of Paradise is the first album from Janey Street since her 2003 effort Street Less Traveled. Street's career ignited in the 1980s with several hit singles and videos while signed to Arista Records by Clive Davis. The years that followed proved anticlimactic professionally, but she never gave up on her commitment to music. That dream drove her as she moved from New York City to L.A. to Nashville, writing music for movies and TV to living on odd jobs to pay the rent. My Side of Paradise is a tour de force collection of songs about heartbreak, loss, love and simply feeling blue or feeling great for no particular reason. The album is a prism, reflecting multiple sides of Street in which listeners can see their own lives reflected. Vivid images come to view, mirroring each other, as complex yet as simple as the stories they illustrate. This album is sure to take you on an emotional journey. In 13 tracks, Street tells her story through music that rings with humor, truth, wisdom, and plenty of soul. Crafted with the expertise of Grammy-nominated producer Dave Darling, My Side of Paradise will surely be a musical experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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    Track Listing:

    1. Among The Missing
    2. Good Side
    3. Bring It On
    4. House Of Mirrors
    5. Situation
    6. Tears Taste The Same
    7. I'm Not The Girl I Used To Know
    8. End
    9. Grand Delusion
    10. My Side of Paradise
    11. Radar
    12. Scat Like Ella
    13. End Of The Day