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    In My Own Skin - CD

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    2017 release. It has been decades since New York-native Janey Street sat at the top of the charts as one of Clive Davis' protégées. Street was welcomed to Arista Records by none other than the hit man himself, Davis. In short order, two singles, "Under the Clock" and "Say Hello To Ronnie," charted on Billboard and were in heavy rotation at VH-1 and then just as quickly, she was dropped. Later, persuaded by her longtime friend Janis Ian to move to Nashville, she mentored young songwriters and gave house concerts. Now signed to Blue Elan records, In My Own Skin is the second release for the label. The album was produced by GRAMMY-nominated producer Dave Darling and features a new version of "Under the Clock" as well as 11 other tracks with musical influences that run deep into retro R&B, rock 'n' roll and multiple other genres. Street's timeless lyrics continue to be reflective of current concerns.

      Track Listing:

      1. Wrap My Mind Around You
      2. When You Are Loved
      3. In My Own Skin
      4. Guilty Pleasures
      5. Undone
      6. Sex is Easy Love is Hard
      7. I Wanna Love You Deep
      8. Mixed Up
      9. Wreckage
      10. Waiting in the Wings
      11. Dignity
      12. Under The Clock
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