Janey Street - I'm Not the Girl I Used to Know CD

    The time has come to meet Janey Street. Her name alone sets the stage for her debut EP for Blue Élan Records. In just five songs, this street leads through varied neighborhoods of the heart, where “there’s beauty in the pain” of life (“I’m Not The Girl I Used To Know”), where it can be a mistake to take trivial troubles too seriously (“Situation”), sad experience is worth acquiring (“Tears Taste The Same”), determination helps weather the wounds of love (“Bring It On”) and a sweet, swaggering joy comes from growing up in the … well, the street (“My Side Of Paradise”).

    What we have here is something highly unusual these days: an artist who didn’t just fall off the turnip truck who nonetheless writes and sings fully in the moment. Her voice is strong, sometimes tender, maybe a little scarred by actually living life as it is, as opposed to singing pop confections about what someone else imagines it to be. It’s also sexy and sassy, intimate as a whisper and powerful enough to rock arenas.

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