Democracy of One - CD

    Over a career spanning two decades, Colin Devlin and The Devlins have crafted internationally acclaimed albums and dozens of cinematic soundscapes for film and TV projects. In collaboration with longtime friend and producer Pierre Marchand (Sarah McLachlan, Rufus Wainwright), Devlin released his first solo album, Democracy of One. This warm, intimate recording became a favorite of music directors at Irish radio and at U.S. television networks, where several songs from the album upped the drama on Grey’s AnatomyPrivate PracticeThe Cleaner and others.

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    • CD copy of Democracy of One
      Track Listing: 
      1. Raise the Dead
      2. Strategies
      3. Democracy of One
      4. Light Years from the Sun
      5. What Good Is Love
      6. The Heart Won’t Be Denied
      7. Emelia
      8. The Devil Made a Saint
      9. Innocent World
      10. Refuge