When I Go I Ghost - Audiophile LP Bundle

    Following the release of five albums and much critical acclaim, Memphis-based Cory Branan spent the pandemic-forced time off working on a new record with producer and Grammy-Award-winning engineer, Jeremy Ferguson. With a guest list that includes Jason Isbell, Garrison Starr,  Brian Fallon, and more. When I Go I Ghost puts Branan's clever songwriting and diverse musical background on display.


    The Order Includes:

    • LP copy of When I Go I Ghost available in Green
      • SOLD OUT: Coke Bottle Clear (limited pressing of 300 copies, exclusive to the Blue Elan store)
    • When I Go I Ghost UV Blacklight vinyl slipmat
    • When I Go I Ghost bumper sticker
      • Digital copy of the entire When I Go I Ghost album 

      Track Listing:

      Side A

      1. When In Rome, When In Memphis
      2. O Charlene
      3. Angels In The Details
      4. That Look I Lost
      5. When I Leave Here

      Side B

      1. Pocket Of God
      2. Room 101
      3. One Happy New Year
      4. Waterfront
      5. Come On If You Wanna Come
      6. Of Two Minds