Curve - CD

    Cindy Alexander’s Curve was the first released album from Blue Élan Records in 2014. Among the glowing reviews, declared “By fearlessly exploring such intriguingly honest territory, Cindy has branded Curve her most compelling work to date.” In January 2015, it was announced that Curve won the L.A. Music Critic’s Award for Best Female CD.

    This order includes:

    • CD copy of Curve
    • Instant download of the digital album upon purchase

    Track Listing:

    1. Heels Over Head
    2. Old Dreams
    3. Who Will Be There
    4. Spin Around
    5. Hit Song
    6. Stronger Together
    7. Carry Me Away
    8. Not Alive
    9. Anesthesia
    10. Hard To Be You
    11. Good Time Sally
    12. January Song
    13. Destiny (Bonus Track)