CHORDS Bundle

    During the pandemic, some people baked, others indulged in TV binge-watching. Eric Johnson emerged with two albums–The Book of Making and Yesterday Meets Today—featuring nine songs on each LP. The Grammy-winning, multi-genre guitarist took inventory—both emotionally and musically—delving into the many unfinished tracks, outtakes, demos, and sonic ideas in his archive to compile the 18 songs that ultimately ended up on the albums.

    By purchasing both LPs, you will receive the keys to unlock 7 unreleased songs from Eric calledTakeouts!

    This Order Includes:

    • LP copy of The Book of Making pressed in black
    • LP copy of Yesterday Meets Today pressed in black
    • Instant digital download of The Book of Making and Yesterday Meets Today upon purchase

    The Book of Making

    Track Listing

    1. Soundtrack Life
    2. Floating Through This World
    3. Love Will Never Say Goodbye
    4. Bigger Than My Life
    1. Just To Be With You
    2. To Be Alive
    3. Another One Like You
    4. My Faith In You
    5. A Thousand Miles

    Yesterday Meets Today

    Track Listing

    1. Move On Over
    2. Yesterday Meets Today
    3. It’s Just The Rain
    4. Maha
    1. Hold On To Love
    2. Sitting On Top Of The World
    3. Dorsey Takes A Day Off
    4. JVZ
    5. Until We Meet Again