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    Hurry Up and Wait - 2LP

    Soul Asylum vocalist and guitarist Dave Pirner, says that making their twelfth studio full-length,Hurry Up And Wait, was a completely seamless, enjoyable, and productive experience. The album was co-produced with John Fields — and recorded at Minneapolis' Nicollet Studios, the same place where the celebrated rock band recorded seminal early albums released on Twin/Tone Records. Lyrically, songs dive into topics such as grappling with emotional and geographic disconnection, navigating romantic ebbs and flows, and the power of embracing optimism despite it all. Sonically,Hurry Up And Wait features thrashing songs indebted to punk ("Hopped Up Feelin'") and classic rock ("Got It Pretty Good"), folk-influenced pop-rock ("Silly Things"), and gorgeous jangle-pop ("If I Told You").

    This order includes:

    • Hurry Up and Wait 2LP in black with gatefold packaging and printed sleeves. 
    • Instant digital download of Hurry Up and Wait

    Track Listing:

    Side A

    1. The Beginning
    2. If I Told You
    3. Got it Pretty Good

    Side B

    1. Make Her Laugh
    2. Busy Signals
    3. Social Butterfly

    Side C

    1. Dead Letter
    2. Landmines
    3. Here We Go

    Side D

    1. Freezer Burn
    2. Silent Treatment
    3. Hopped Up Feelin'
    4. Silly Things
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