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    Stellar Evolution - LP

    Limited Edition - Coke Bottle Clear LP
    Opaque Yellow LP

    • LP copy of Stellar Evolution with your choice of Coke Bottle Clear or Opaque Yellow
      • Coke Bottle Clear is a Blue Élan exclusive pressing, limited to only 300 copies.
    • Stellar Evolution digital album
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    Pre-order Disclaimer: This item is part of the Aaron Lee Tasjan - Stellar Evolution pre-order collection and has an estimated arrival date of April 12, 2024 (exclusions apply).

      Singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, band leader, activist, and Grammy nominee. Aaron Lee Tasjan has been and continues to be all of these things.

      Tasjan has released four excellent and critically acclaimed solo albums, toured the world over on his own and as the guitarist in the New York Dolls. He co-founded and co-wrote all of the material for the band Semi Precious Weapons. In 2021 he was nominated for a Grammy for his writing on Yola’s “Diamond Studded Shoes” and most recently, Tasjan produced Mya Byrne's album Rhinestone Tomboy (Kill Rock Stars Nashville) which helped to establish her as one of the first openly trans artists in Americana Music.

      The upcoming record, Stellar Evolution is a record on which Tasjan’s songwriting is beholden to nothing — no expectations, and certainly no genre. Just the pure sense of wonder and discovery that had made him fall in love with music as a kid in Orange County, devouring it all with no understanding or care for what was “cool.”

      As he was writing, times became very dark for the queer community in the South. Bathroom bans and drag bans were enacted in Tennessee, while right-wing rhetoric around LGBT people became uglier and uglier. Tasjan knew this album needed to reflect the vibrant community that has become home to him.

      From synth thrill rides like “Alien Space Queen” and the lead single, “Horror Of It All,” to other album highlights including the woozy “The Drugs Did Me” and the balladic “Dylan Shades,” these songs are sonic and personal evolutions. For Tasjan, they track his sonic shifts and share personal moments of overcoming challenges and embracing change; for the world, they are universal in appeal and inclusive in intention. Stellar Evolution celebrates love, claims space and shines bright.

      Track Listing:

      SIDE A

      1. Alien Space Queen
      2. The Drugs Did Me
      3. Dylan Shades
      4. Horror Of It All
      5. Pants
      6. Ocean Drive

      SIDE B

      1. Nightmare
      2. I Love America Better Than You
      3. Roll Your Windows Down
      4. Bird
      5. Cry Till You're Laughing
      6. Young
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