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    Gulf Coast Sessions - Pink LP

    • Gulf Coast SessionsLP pressed on Opaque Pink wax 
    • Instant digital download of Gulf Coast Sessions

    Here’s what Jesse Dayton had to say about his EP:

    The Gulf Coast Sessions was inspired by that Interstate 10 area from Beaumont to New Orleans, where I was raised and where the old music was still going strong in the 70’s when I was a kid. East Texas African-American blues and gospel was everywhere, with lots of revival church music on the radio. Some of the honky tonks and juke joints that had opened long before, during the Lucas Gusher and the Spindle Top Oil Rush, were still in full swing with live bands nightly. 

    We had 24-hour South Louisiana Zydeco and Cajun radio with DJs speaking broken French. We had the migrant workers cranking up Mexican balladeers who were out-singing everyone on the radio. I remember seeing the Winter Brothers (Johnny & Edgar) at the Dairy Queen, and feeling like they had left behind the small-town fear of the Holy Ghost and gone global with the Devil’s music. I thought about all of these scenarios while we were making this raw, little stripped-down record. 

    This EP was recorded on the back porch of Clay Connell’s old house-turned-vintage-shop Roadhouse Rags in South Austin with zero budget just for kicks. Since I ended up playing guitars, bass, drums and piano on it, (everything except for Beth Christman on fiddle and Bradley Jaye on accordion), Clay and I were basically goofing off trying to create these imaginary fictional characters in the band. The Beaumonster was our character’s name for our blues shouter singer-guitar-man. We went for the Excello label vibe with our own spin and I wrote all the songs on the spot as we recorded them. It’s a different kind of record for me and I hope y’all dig it in the greasy good timin’ spirit it’s intended."

      Track Listing:

      SIDE A
      1. Intro House Party
      2. Lo-Fi Lover
      3. Beaumonster Boogie
      4. Carencro Girl
      SIDE B
      1. Mardi Gras Shake
      2. Feelin's and Business
      3. House Party 2340 Dauphine
      4. Outro House Party
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