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    Take One Thing Off (Official Soundtrack) - Digital Album

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    • Instant downloads of both the Take One Thing Off: Official Soundtrack digital album upon purchase

    Scout Durwood Take One Thing Off: Official Soundtrack, 2018 Streamy-Award-nominated debut album/video series, is now available for download. Based on the original 2017 Take One Thing Off album it was developed into a twenty-two episode digital series combining music videos and narrative sketches, recounting the story of Scout’s life as the existential odyssey that it is. The series has amassed nearly 200,000 views on YouTube. Click here to watch now!

      Track Listing:

      1. Take One Thing Off
      2. All The Pretty Bottles
      3. I'm Cool, Right?
      4. Fallin' in Love
      5. Here We Are
      6. The Twitter Song
      7. Brooklyn Ca. 2009
      8. Appropriate
      9. Taxi Take Me Home
      10. My Funny Valentine
      11. Go Go
      12. Take One Thing Off (Whitney Day Remix)