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    Comedy Electronica Vol. 1 - Digital Album

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    Scout Durwood 's Comedy Electronica Vol. 1, like its creator, is equal parts intelligent, irreverent, thought-provoking, and outright silly. Part one of a true followup to Scout’s 2018 Streamy-Award-nominated debut album/video series, Take One Thing Off, this new collection of songs and music videos sets a high bar for musical comedy in the new decade. Many years before she made audiences laugh starring on MTV’s Mary + Jane and Oxygen’s Funny Girls, Scout Durwood knew that being different was her greatest strength. That free spirit continues to shine in her newest EP Comedy Electronica Vol. 1, set for release September 29. The EP is paired with a series of companion music videos premiering on YouTube that began on June 26th with Steal UR Girlfriend. After meeting and collaborating with Dave Darling (Def Leppard, Queen Latifah, Tom Waits, Brian Setzer) on her debut album, "Take One Thing Off", the duo rejoined in the studio last summer to record Scout's follow-up, Comedy Electronica. “I knew I wanted to lean more into pop sensibilities with this album. So, Dave and I imposed a hard rule of ‘no real instruments,’” explained Scout. “We only broke that rule for a theremin and I think there’s a little bit of guitar mixed in somewhere.” Track by Track in Scout’s Own Words: I’ve always had a joke that men make being a lesbian very easy because they are such weak competition. I basically talked to one of my bisexual friends about all the worst men she has ever dated and put them into one fictional man. Which was the basis for “Steal UR Girlfriend”. ‘Predatory lesbian’ has become one of my personal mantras. “I Don’t Want To Hold UR Baby” was conceived as a rant about all of my pet peeves, but as soon as I hit the first one, I was like… nope. There’s the whole song. We shot that music video at an amazing house in the hills on a day that was blisteringly hot, but because of our shooting schedule, no one got to get in the pool until right before sunset. By then the temperature had dropped, and the water was freezing. I put my dancers through hell, but they keep coming back to work with me! “Sad Ukulele” was inspired by all real events. The uke is the only musical instrument I really know how to play, and it always made me laugh to try to sing about real sad events on the ukulele. As a comedian, this song feels particularly relevant to who I am. I want to change the world, but the only way I know how to do it is through jokes. The lyrics to “Sky Dancer” are actually pretty close to the scratch track. I had the hook, but I was having a weirdly hard time coming up with the verses. Dave put me in the booth and let me freestyle a couple of times. When I came out, he was like, “that was great!” And I was like, “what did I say?” And then we cleaned it up a little bit and that was it. Gunner Sixx threw in all the bits and bobs that really make the track work. “Sexually Implicit” is an excel sheet of words I think are funny to say. It is possibly the dumbest idea I’ve ever had for a song, and also probably my favorite on the album.

    Track Listing:

    1. Steal UR Girlfriend
    2. I Don't Want To Hold UR Baby
    3. Sad Ukulele
    4. Sky Dancer
    5. Sexually Implicit
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