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    Tug of War - CD

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    Dynamic vocalist and live performer Gina Sicilia’s new album, Tug of War, celebrates her status as one of the reigning voices in modern blues and marks a potent evolution in her songwriting. The 11-song set is Sicilia’s seventh release since her emergence as a doyenne of the genre a decade ago. Today, Sicilia’s experience and the fully realized powers of her warm, flexible, emotionally nuanced singing resonate like never before.

      Track Listing:

      1. I Don't Want To Be In Love
      2. Damaging Me
      3. He Called Me Baby
      4. I'll Stand Up
      5. Never Gonna End
      6. I Cried
      7. They Never Pay Me
      8. Abandoned
      9. Tell Him
      10. All My Loving
      11. Heaven
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