Aurora - Moonlight Pack

    His latest solo effort, Aurora, coming on the heels of last year’s greatest hits album, Keeping the Light On: The Best of Gerry Beckley, is at once a look back on some of his original influences – among them the triple Killer B’s of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Bee Gees, with Chicago thrown into the mix – as well as a fresh start, a clean slate moving forward.

    This order includes:

    • LP copy of Aurora pressed in black with 12 postcards of Gerry’s Photos and Lyrics printed on (2) perforated 16 pt. stock inserts
    • Aurora digital album, available for instant download
    • Exclusive access to the "Tickets to the Past" official lyric video feat. Dewey Bunnell

      Vinyl Track Listing

      1. Aurora
      2. I Fall Down
      3. Never Know Why
      4. Tickets to the Past (feat. DeweyBunnell)
      5. Way to Go
      1. Friends Are Hard to Find
      2. Peace of Mind
      3. Indy’s Gatho
      4. Aerial
      5. Superscope
      6. Tears