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    What's Your Destiny? Ozomatli wants to hear from you!

    Share your #MiDestino story for a chance to win music, merch and more

    Share your #MiDestino storyOn July 30th, Ozomatli's new song "Mi Destino" drops, featuring B-Real and Gaby Moreno. “Mi Destino” is a movement, and that’s why we want to know YOUR story!

    Share your #MiDestino story and post about it on social media, and you will be entered for a chance to win some cool prizes from Ozomatli, B-Real and Insane Clothing, and Gaby Moreno.

    You can also earn more entries daily by doing things like pre-saving the song and telling everyone you know about the contest. Just be sure to use the hashtag #MiDestino when you post on Instagram.


    Here's what the band had to say:

    "Mi Destino" is about the road we each travel to fulfill our destiny and turn our dreams into reality; and features our friends B-Real (Cypress Hill) and Gaby Moreno.

    Over the next week or so, we are going to share personal stories about our own paths to fulfilling our destiny. You'll hear about Raul becoming a father, Justin's journey from athlete to professional musician, and Jiro's path to playing tabla.

    We're kicking things off with Asdru's story today...


    Asdru's grandfather with his band Gregorio Sierra y Su Conjunto Grijalva

    Asdru's grandfather with his band Gregorio Sierra y Su Conjunto Grijalva
    Destiny is a long road. Lifelong.
    Sometimes it involves a whole familyline. I don’t remember how old I was the first time I heard my grandfather’s music. I was a baby. His music was always on in our home. I never fathomed the idea that, that was my family on those records.
    Every barbecue we held at home with our big family, everyone brought guitars and albums, played music into the night. One of those nights, my grandmother sat me down and explained how Frida Kahlo would annoy her when she would come around at the club her uncle owned in Mexico City. Such funny stories! And how my dad would have to go find him at Frida and Diego Rivera’s homes after a “noche de Bohemia” party after hours. Was along night of poetry, art, music and political discussions...or fights!
    My grandfather was classically trained as a vocalist, composer, guitarist and bassist. But he picked up the congas and started a mambo group called Gregorio Sierra y Su Conjunto Grijalva. Had a deal with RCA Victor, MX, came out in some old Pedro Infante movies, and such. Wow...