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    Gerry Beckley Releases "Self Image" from his Archives and Announces New Best-Of Album

    Legendary America co-founder Gerry Beckley announces his new greatest hits album, and opens his archives for new single — "Self Image"

    Gerry Beckley - Self Image After a few solo records, Gerry Beckley has teamed up once again with Blue Élan Records to put out a collection of solo hits. Today, you can listen to the first single off of Gerry Beckley’s upcoming record, Keeping The Light On: The Best of Gerry Beckley. “Straight out of my archives, ‘Self Image’ may be a track from the 80's, but its subject is as old as history itself.” – Gerry Beckley. Stream “Self Image” here: For a special discount on the pre-order, make sure you sign up for Gerry’s email list here. You can also listen in to a special Spotify playlist, "Gerry Beckley's Monthly Listens", curated by Gerry himself. Follow the playlist here. Sign up for our newsletter to get information from Blue Élan and Gerry Beckley delivered to your inbox. Follow Gerry Beckley on Instagram
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