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    "Room at the Bottom," from Cindy Alexander's While the Angels Sigh, is Out Now

    Hot on the heels of its music video release last week, Cindy Alexander's "Room at the Bottom" is now available on all platforms

    Cindy Alexander - Room at the Bottom

    Following up her music video premiere, Cindy Alexander has officially released "Room at the Bottom," the final single off her upcoming album, While the Angels Sigh. Here's what Cindy had to say about the release:

    My new single “Room at the Bottom” is out now! Thank you to everyone who tuned into the video premiere for “Room at the Bottom” last week. As a reminder, everyone who pre-orders will get an instant download of my forthcoming album, While The Angels Sigh. For those who have already pre-ordered, I hope you have received your instant album download. If you've pre-ordered, but still have not received it, please reach out to

    P.S. We are a little under one month from release day! If you’ve received your digital download, please let me know which songs resonate with you! We have a lot more content coming for you soon that I absolutely cannot wait to share with you." Watch the “Room at the Bottom” video here:

    Pre-orders of While The Angels Sigh now include the album early as a digital download! Pre-order your copy of While the Angels Sigh today. Offerings include:

    • An autographed CD
    • An exclusive T-shirt
    • A Friends and Family Pack (For you and your friends!)
    • A Cindy Alexander Ultimate Fan Pack (All of Cindy’s Blue Elan Released CDs in one package!)
    • And THE ANGEL PACKAGE that includes a CD, T-shirt, handwritten lyrics of the second single, “Broken but Beloved,” a squirrel “Cheerio” stress toy, and a private Chat and Serenade with Cindy Alexander herself!
    • All orders receive a free download of Cindy Alexander’s first single, “Try, Try, Try.”
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