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    New Version of "Rose of Cimarron" feat. Chelsea Williams Available Now!

    Today, a brand new version of Poco's classic "Rose of Cimarron" is available everywhere. Check it out first on iTunes (click here) and Spotify (click here). This new recording features Chelsea Williams, named by Rolling Stone (Nov. 2017) as one of the "10 New Country Artists You Need to Know." Young first wrote the song in the early 70's when he was touring with Poco in Oklahoma. He saw a brochure that said, "Visit the home of Rose of Cimarron", and thought the words sounded like a song. He immediately began writing the song, which would become on of Poco's biggest hits, in 1976. While recording his debut solo album Waitin' For The Sun (2017), Rusty decided he wanted to remake the song. But this time, it should include a female vocalist. "The song about a woman so I thought it would be interesting to revisit it including a woman's voice. That idea inspired me to write additional lyrics. Then, when I first heard Chelsea's voice, I thought she'd be perfect for the new version". "I was absolutely floored when I was asked to record 'Rose of Cimarron' with Poco", said Williams. "Not only did I grow up listening to Poco, but 'Rose' is without-a-doubt my favorite Poco song". Recorded at Cash Cab in Hendersonville, TN, with inspirational relics, Young sat with Williams and taught her the new verse he'd just written specifically for the duo to sing together. "It was definitely on of the 'pinch me' moments", said Williams. Download on iTunes: Here. Stream on Spotify: Here. Download or Stream on Amazon: Here. Ask Alexa to play it for you! Check out a nice story about the release over at Pick up a cope of Chelsea Williams excellent album Boomerang on CD or LP via Blue Élan Records by clicking here. Get Waiting' For the Sun for a friend via Blue Élan by clicking here. Or Amazon by clicking here.