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    It’s National Cat Day: Chelsea Williams Answers 11 Questions About Cats!

    From the worship of ancient Egyptians to the modern millennial obsession, cats clearly hold a special place in our hearts (for us non-dog lovers out there). National Cat Day is a celebration of all things feline, and Chelsea Williams is here for it.

    On this National Cat Day, we asked Chelsea Williams to share what living with cats meant to her. Here's Chelsea with some insight into her experiences, and how her cats deserve your love as much as hers. Warning: Cute images and videos of cuddly creatures below. Turn back now or forever be swept up in their adorableness. In celebration of this very special holiday, take 30% off all Chelsea products in our store with the code EMMYLOU. That’s right. All her merch and music in our store, from the "Something Sweet" candle to the Beautiful and Strangevinyl is on sale...right now for the first time ever!

    Blue Élan (BE): What do you love most about living with cats?

    Chelsea Williams (CW): Cats give zero f*@ks. This trait makes me so happy and inspires me every day. Sometimes you just gotta do you.

    BE: Tell us about your cats!

    CW: Emmylou is a long hair, Maine Coon looking cat (we're not completely sure of breed, as she is adopted). She is just as excited about napping on my lap as she is about ambushing me from under the bed when I least expect it. She is all heart and is a vicious predator until she gets sleepy at which point she melts into a snuggly ball of fluff. Aria is short haired, all black cat. She will talk to you for hours on end and is an avid hunter of pets. She will head but you until you start petting her. When you start to pet her she freezes, keels over and basks in the attention. She has a very discerning taste and will let you know right away if her needs are not being met. But underneath her diva attitude is a total sweetheart.

    BE: How did you meet your cats?

    CW: I adopted both of my cats from the Burbank Animal Shelter.

    BE: Do your cats like music?

    CW: Emmylou is a great piano player. We have a couple mini pianos in the house. Whenever we play music, she likes to hop on the keys and play along. Aria hates music. I probably should have gotten to know her a bit better before naming her. It's hard to get her up and running but she will always sprint away at the first sign of music.

    BE: How did you name your cats?

    CW: Emmylou Hairy is named after one of my biggest idols, Emmylou Harris. Aria got her name because from day one, she has been incredibly vocal.

    BE: Have you ever written a song for your cats?

    CW: I sing all of my songs for my cats.

    BE: Share a cute cat memory with us!

    CW: Emmylou likes to crawl into tiny spaces (I know, so weird for a cat, right?). Well, she crawled into a low kitchen cupboard. I closed the cupboard not knowing she was in there. I guess she fell asleep in there because I never heard a peep from her. A couple hours later, I opened it up looking for something and she was just in there fast asleep. Adorable! It certainly made my day.

    BE: Did you have cats growing up?

    CW: I didn't have pets growing up. But, as an adult the only pets I've had are cats.

    BE: How are you celebrating National Cat Day in your house?

    CW: A 5 Star, 5 course meal for the kitties. Naw, but I'll definitely give them their favorite treats and maybe some homemade salmon.

    BE: Are there any cat shelters or charities you’d like to shout out on National Cat Day?

    CW: I think the Burbank Animal Shelter in Burbank, CA does a great job, but The Cat's Meow is another fully non-profit rescue and adoption organization that has centers in multiple cities across the US (including Los Angeles, CA).

    BE: Finally, share a few of your favorite cat pictures with us!

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