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    Natalie Gelman Makes her Blue Élan Debut with a Dark Twist on Gerry Beckley's "Never Be Lonely"

    Label newcomer Natalie Gelman makes her Blue Élan debut with a dark and mysterious twist on a Gerry Beckley-penned classic — "Never Be Lonely"

    Natalie Gelman - Never Be LonelyAs part of the ongoing Blue Élan celebration of Gerry Beckley's incredible songwriting legacy, Natalie Gelman has joined her labelmates and released a new cover of "Never Be Lonely". Listen here: In Natalie's own words: Hey everyone! I'm so excited to share my Gerry Beckley-penned cover, "Never Be Lonely," with you guys! Even though the original recording is so wholesome and upbeat, I saw something darker and mysterious in the lyric that really intrigued me. That edgy undertone is what made me have to cover this song. Lately I’ve been watching shows like Dexter, You and How To Get Away With Murder. They all feature complex characters, and we somehow find ourselves feeling sorry for the misunderstood serial killer, stalker or murderer — even relating to them ourselves. I decided to run with that nuance, and approached "Never Be Lonely" from that place. Since it’s not a song I wrote, I can kinda create a character and become whoever I think works for the song. So... This is the story of a woman who has stalked and trapped her lover. She thinks that if she can just keep him hostage long enough, he’ll come around and see how amazing she is. Her words aren’t declarations of love, they're threats of entrapment. Unlike most of my music, I hope you can’t relate to this one from either her, or her lover's, point of view. I think you'll love the moody and unique sounds on the recording though — it’s like a mini film noir. If you’re familiar with Joe in the show You, imagine a woman in his role. Don’t you feel just a little sorry for her? Sign up for our newsletter to get information from Blue Élan and Natalie Gelman delivered to your inbox. Follow Natalie Gelman on Instagram