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    Mustangs of the West release new album, Time

    You can join Mustangs of the West as they debut their new album live on Facebook

    Mustangs of the West have released their new album, Time, available now on all platforms: You can also join the band TODAY (3/27/20) for an album release livestream at 1:00 PST, on their Facebook page: Here's what the band had to say about the release: The upcoming release of our new album, Time, has been a long time coming for us. As a band that first saw the light of day during the heyday of country and rockabilly music at The Palomino club to right now – with a sound that pulls from Americana, jangle pop and country rock influences, we’re excited to have our very first full-length album – in both CD and streaming formats, available from Blue Élan Records. Recorded and engineered by the the illustrious Mark Howard at the famed Henson Studios (formerly historic A&M Records) in Hollywood, the album features twelve songs exploring the edges of Americana/country genres, and the emotional edges of family history, love and loss. We were lucky to get to use a lot of great vintage instruments and mics–supplied by Mark and other friends of ours–to capture truly unique sounds and “live in the studio” performances. The story behind this album is both our history, but more importantly, our present. Most of the songs on the album were written or co-written by our lead singer, Suzanna Spring, including the title track, “Time” and the single “A Little Undone". First single “How Blue” was written collaboratively by Suzanna, with lead guitarist Sherry Rayn Barnett and Kathi Taylor, the drummer from the original Mustangs band. Bass player/vocalist Holly Montgomery wrote the innovative, edgy track “Do The Math”. Three additional songs came to us from outside writers who have been part of The Mustangs’ music career over the years: Randy Sharp/Casey Kelly contributed 2 nd single “I Blame Love”, featuring a great vocal and playing from violinist/vocalist Aubrey Richmond; Renee Armand/Kerry Chater offered “This is Me Leaving,” and Tish Hinojosa penned “In the Real West” – all songs that fit the story of Time. Producer Mark Howard was such a great fit for us; he helped us to craft our sound and to really find the emotion in the songs–stripping down some songs as he did for final track “Seven Summers”, letting the song build back up into a powerful long jam on the outro featuring drummer Suzanne Morissette, the way records used to be made! Mark re-imagined one song, “This is Me Leaving”, by having us play percussion instruments in a circle and then looping it. Sherry used a vintage Vox amp, a National dobro from the 30’s (Thanks, Mark Howard), her own Fender Jazzmaster from the 60’s, and more. Drummer Suzanne Morissette Cruz played a variety of percussion as well as 1920’s Ludwig kick drum and a 1967 Sonor Teardrop drum set. Mark had Holly play a Gibson EB-2 bass on several songs. One of the most-loved and most personal songs on the record is Suzanna’s “Dancing on the Moon”. Says Suzanna, “I loved the way this song turned out, and in many ways it’s the story of all of us in the band: the hard choices we make as artists and the life left behind. And someday, I’ll tell you who it’s about.” We hope you enjoy this record, and how far we’ve all come with the passage of time.
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