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    Gina Sicilia releases Love Me Madly followup single, "Married Man"

    "Married Man" follows on the heels of Love Me Madly, Gina Sicilia's new Cody Dickinson-produced album

    Married ManHot on the heels of her recent Cody Dickinson-produced album, Love Me Madly, comes "Married Man", a new lascivious single about forbidden love. Listen here: In Gina's own words: This song is the provocative (and common) tale of a young, lustful girl who’s in love with a married man. She’s foolishly hoping he will leave his wife, who she resents greatly. Throughout history, this same story has been told many times in many different ways. While I didn’t write this from personal experience, I’ve always been enamored with telling the stories of other women. I’m proud of how the classic yet youthful energy of this production conveys that message of reckless yet passionate desire. The brilliant horn and string parts were recorded at Royal Studios in Memphis, TN and color the song with a beauty that’s as timeless as the theme. This is one of the first songs I ever worked on with my producer Cody Dickinson, and I’m so thrilled to finally share it with the world. Hope you love this story of messy romance. ️ ​ xo Gina

    Praise for Gina and Love Me Madly

    “Gina is an incredible singer and a phenomenal songwriter. It’s very simple, she is a force of nature.” – Cody Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars) “…the Philadelphia singer-songwriter ranks among the most striking female blues voices of recent years.” – The Boston Globe “The collaboration [with Cody Dickinson] adds some extra potency to the work of Sicilia…” - The Philadelphia Inquirer “When she rears back and sings, this woman can shake the earth’s axis.” - American Songwriter “Dickinson and Sicilia are perfect collaborators who seem to understand each other... It’s got a live sound that makes you feel like you’re in the room with a band, when really it’s the mad genius Dickinson doing it all himself on guitar, bass, and drums.” - American Blues Scene “It was clear from those early days that Sicilia had immense vocal chops, but she continues to grow in nuance, phrasing, and attitude, earning the respect of high profile producers such as Cody Dickinson...Sicilia sounds like a career-long soul singer...a mix of power and sultry intonations.” - Glide Magazine