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    Lisa Lambe's launches music video alongside new single, "Dust and Sand"

    Watch and listen to Lisa Lambe's "Dust and Sand" now!

    Lisa's new single, "Dust and Sand," is now available to stream and download on all platforms: To celebrate the release of the single and music video, Lisa wanted to share her thoughts in writing: Dust and Sand. We are made of dust We walk the earth. The inspiration for this song came from a treasured place : Omey Island ; a tidal island on the western edge of Connemara County Galway. From the mainland you can barely see this place. The island is now abandoned but once was home to over 400 souls. Omey is a spiritual place. A burial place. A long sandy strand inviting you to it’s rocky landscape where lies the holy well of St Feicin, the saint of supernatural powers & healing abilities. The island of Omey remains a place of devotion to Saint Féchín to this day. The place has a feeling an energy like most of the west. It is ancient. beautiful. sacred. gentle and wild. It stirs a lot in me. It feels like home. The lyrics for this song were given to me by the island “a place of devotion and home...A land for souls to roam” Dust and Sand is an ode to nature . Another tiny devotion. It is about those who have gone before us, those who wait for us, who look over us. With our feet firmly on the ground, we can walk the earth and feel rooted to those looking over us. This song is for the ancestors. For our teachers. For treasured memories. We are of the earth. X Lisa
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