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    With "I'm Enough", Roan Yellowthorn's Jackie McLean Responds to Kasey Chambers While Carving Her Own Path

    Roan Yellowthorn's Jackie McLean has been on a journey of self-discovery and self-love, and in responding to a Kasey Chambers classic, she declares to herself, and to everyone else: "I'm Enough"

    Roan Yellowthorn - I'm EnoughRoan Yellowthorn's new original single, "I'm Enough", is available now. Click here to listen: Here's what Jackie had to say: Today I have a new song out. It’s called ‘I’m Enough.’ I didn’t believe the words when I wrote it. But I’m starting to believe them more and more every day. A few months ago, my friend Kirk Pasich introduced me to the Kasey Chambers song, ‘Not Pretty Enough’. I became obsessed with it. If you haven’t heard it, it tells the story of a girl who is unsure of herself. I really related to the message. I listened to it over and over again. Kirk suggested that I write a sequel to it. I imagined what the woman singing it would sing once she’d become comfortable in her own skin - once she’d realized that she was pretty enough, good enough. Once she realized that she was enough, just the way she was. After I wrote it, I decided to open up about my personal story of abuse. I’m lucky enough to have a column in Atwood Magazine. It started out as a documentation of the making of my new album. It’s become a personal column - a safe place where I can explore what’s on my mind. Writing ‘I’m Enough’ was a catalyst that pushed me to share my story. I couldn’t live with the disconnect between the confident words I was singing and the weight of shame that I was carrying. Writing about my experiences was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. But the response has been mind blowing. People from far and wide have reached out to me. And I’ve realized that I am not alone in the experiences I’ve had. None of us are. Once we start to talk about what we’ve lived through, it’s clear - the only thing that isolates us is silence. The door has been opened and it’s already changed my life. With this, the song ‘I’m Enough’ has been transformed. Namely, I’ve begun to believe it. And so, I dedicate it to you. And to anyone who has ever believed that they aren’t enough. You are enough. You are more than enough. Just the way that you are. <3 P.S. my six year old daughter filmed the music video on an iphone from the back of our car. She is a marvel in every way. Jackie Sign up for our newsletter to get information from Blue Élan and Roan Yellowthorn delivered to your inbox. Follow Roan Yellowthorn on Instagram