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    Amy Wilcox Adds Her Voice in Support of Gerry Beckley's Legacy With "I Need You"

    Joining her labelmates as they celebrate the legacy of Gerry Beckley, Amy Wilcox dazzles with an ethereal, deep cover of "I Need You"

    Amy Wilcox - I Need YouAs part of the ongoing Blue Élan celebration of Gerry Beckley's incredible songwriting legacy, Amy Wilcox has joined her labelmates and released a new cover of "I Need You". Listen here: Here's what Amy had to say about the release: Hi to all my wonderful people, I know this week, and this past year, have been an emotionally taxing time for a lot of us — I'm especially sending love to my DC and VA people who are in the middle of the current madness. The one thing I know through all this, is on the other end, there is a great opportunity for growth and change — and how wonderful is that. In 2020, without in-person shows, rehearsals, and recording, I had a moment to take a step back and explore the different sides of my musical interests. I had the time to learn so much more on the production end (and finally learn piano), which has allowed me to begin experimenting in a much deeper way. When I got the opportunity to reimagine a song for America's Gerry Beckley (a legend), I knew I wanted to do something unique with "I Need You", and push myself out of my comfort zone. I went to New Mexico for a few months to clear my head, get off the grid, and focus my mind on a new chapter of music. While there, my label, Blue Élan, reached out about this amazing Gerry Beckley tribute project. What an honor. My labelmates have created a wonderful collection of songs honoring a band and a writer I have always admired. I hope you enjoy this song, and this project we have created together. Love, Amy Sign up for our newsletter to get information from Blue Élan and Amy Wilcox delivered to your inbox. Follow Amy Wilcox on Instagram
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