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    Gina Sicilia's second Love Me Madly followup single, “Unrequited Love,” out now

    "Unrequited Love" follows on the heels of "Married Man," and Love Me Madly, Gina Sicilia‘s new Cody Dickinson-produced album

      Gina Sicilia - Unrequited LoveHot on the heels of Gina Sicilia's recent Cody Dickinson-produced album, Love Me Madly, and its followup single, “Married Man,“ "Unrequited Love" is a new single about that familiar feeling of one-sided love. Listen here: In Gina's own words: For years I had been wanting to write a song called "Unrequited Love". I’m not sure why, I just always loved the idea of it. I tried to write it as a country song, a folk song, a pop song, and finally settled on this soul version. I’m incredibly proud of the results. I think this sentiment is something so many people have felt and can relate to — I know I certainly have felt this way. Cody Dickinson did an amazing job with producing and transforming this song into an epic, doo-wop influenced soul ballad. Early on in pre-production, I mentioned to Cody that I have a love for doo-wop, so I’m grateful we were able to use that influence to embellish this song. Although I hope you can’t relate to the lyrics of the song, I do hope you love it, and that it will bring you all the joy and solace you need. <3 Today is also Bandcamp Friday, which means all proceeds from sales are passed along directly to independent artists like me. You can check out my latest releases on Bandcamp now: -Gina