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    Roan Yellowthorn Starts the Year With "Daisy Jane", a Tribute to Labelmate Gerry Beckley

    To start the year, Roan Yellowthorn is back with a plaintive and hopeful cover of "Daisy Jane" as a tribute to labelmate and America co-founder, Gerry Beckley

    Roan Yellowthorn - Daisy JaneAs part of an ongoing Blue Élan celebration of Gerry Beckley's incredible songwriting legacy, Roan Yellowthorn has released a new cover of "Daisy Jane". Listen here: In Jackie's own words: "Does she really love me? I think she does / Like the star above me, I know because / When the sky is bright, everything’s all right." This is the chorus to the song Daisy Jane by Gerry Beckley. The words are so evocative. And, set to music, they conjure an entire state of being. When I hear it, I see the color burnished gold. When I was asked to contribute a song to the Gerry Beckley project, it was enjoyable homework to listen to all of the songs he’s written for America. Daisy Jane jumped out to me right away. There’s a plaintiveness to it that resonates with me. The questioning. The feeling of longing embedded in the lyrics. The hopefulness. The cautious optimism. Together with Kirk Pasich, Zack Darling, and Zachary Ross, we tried, through instrumentation and vocal approach, to highlight that melancholy vibe — that yearning. I love singing this song. Each word holds meaning. And, when the melody soars at the chorus, it takes my heart with it. I imagined the face of my best friend while I sang. It was easy to do. I hope that you enjoy listening to this song as much as I loved recording it. It’s an honor to pay tribute to Gerry Beckley — my labelmate and one of the great musical artists of our time. Until next time — Jackie Sign up for our newsletter to get information from Blue Élan and Roan Yellowthorn delivered to your inbox. Follow Roan Yellowthorn on Instagram