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    Chelsea Williams' third track off of Beautiful and Strange, "Wasted", is out now!

    Chelsea Williams releases the third single off her upcoming album Beautiful and Strange entitled, “Wasted.”

    Here is what Chelsea has to say about “Wasted” in her own words: “I can’t believe we’re already on single number 3!! Introducing my new single... bum budda dum... WASTED! I am so excited about this song. It’s funny, it almost didn’t even make the record. Ross and I were almost finished with the record when I played him this song idea, and I’m so glad he insisted that we record it! Between the mini piano and John Schroeder’s soaring guitar parts, it came out so fun! I hope you like it!” Beautiful and Strange is available for pre-order in our store now! There are some very cool bundles, so please check it out. And be on the lookout for the “Wasted” video, coming soon!
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