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    Blue Élan Exclusive Discovery Bundles Now Available

    Hey folks! We wanted to turn you onto some great music by a few of our Blue Élan artists. So, we decided to bundle a few of our releases together in hopes that you'll discover something or someone new! We carefully pieced together four different bundle options made up of artists that you know and love with artists that you may or may not know. But trust us, they go together very well! Check them out HERE! Safe In The Tug of War Army Bundle:
    • Love Is An Army (2018) - Janiva Magness
    • Tug of War (2017) - Gina Sicilia
    • Safe In The Arms of Time (2018) - Rita Coolidge
            Outside the Southern Boomerang Bundle:
    • The Outsider (2018) - Jesse Dayton
    • Southern Gothic (2017) - Rod Melancon
    • Boomerang (2017) - Chelsea Williams
          Waitin' For the Peaceful Carousel Bundle:
    • Carousel (2016) - Gerry Beckley
    • Waitin' For the Sun (2017) - Rusty Young
    • Peaceful, Easy Feeling (2017) - Jack Tempchin
          Nowhere To Hide in the Round Time Bundle:
    • Safe In The Arms of Time (2018) - Rita Coolidge
    • Nowhere To Hide (2018) - Cindy Alexander
    • In The Round (2017) - Keith Harkin