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    Mission BBQ of Nashville

    We at Blue Élan Records had a phenomenal time at Americanafest in Nashville, Tennessee, and a huge reason as to why has to deal with Mission BBQ.

    We know what your thinking ... great food always equals a great time. However, Mission BBQ doesn't just serve food, they serve food with a purpose that surpasses the minimum requirements. We chose Mission BBQ because of their mission - to support our troops and veterans. They opened their doors on September 11, 2011, ten years after the devastating strike of 9/11, and seek to support the USO, Semper Fi Fund, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and a number of other foundations that dedicate their time and efforts in assisting our troops and first responders. You can read their mission statement and find more information about their charitable ties on their website, Mission BBQ. We at Blue Élan Records would like to thank Mission BBQ for their phenomenal efforts in making an impact, whether it be through service in the kitchen or outside of it.