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    Kirk's Corner Announcement

    How would one describe Kirk Pasich? Incredible. Humble. Determined.

    We at Blue Élan feel our heralded hero encompasses all three words and many, many more in every way, shape, and form. So much so that we believe he deserves a corner of the website.

    Kirk's Corner Kirk's Corner is a place where you get to experience a little of what goes on inside the boss' head. From articles he'd like to shed light on, to playlists that move him, to thoughts inside his brain that need a place to breathe, Kirk's Corner is a glimpse into the driving force behind Blue Élan Records. By visiting Kirk's Corner, one gets the opportunity to share in Kirk Pasich's, the President of Blue Élan Records, tastes. Listen to Kirk's newly updated playlists with handpicked music from his top selected artists, and dive into his likes, dislikes, favorites and foes of the music world. The President, the co-founder, the guy who pays us, deserves much more than a corner. But, if you go back to that second word up-top that describes him (humble), we had to twist his arm to allow us to feature him on the site at all. Thank you, Kirk, from all of us at Blue Élan for being our fearless leader. It's about time the world gets a taste of what makes you YOU, too! Visit Kirk's Corner here: Listen to his perfectly curated playlist here: