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    Chelsea Williams' "Bicycle Built For Four" Is Out Now

    Listen to Chelsea Williams' otherworldly new single, "Bicycle Built For Four," out today

    Chelsea Williams - "Bicycle Built For Four"Recorded during lockdown, Chelsea Williams' new otherworldly tune, "Bicycle Built For Four," is out today! Turn up the volume and enjoy the ride:

    About Chelsea Williams

    Unlike many L.A. transplants, singer-songwriter Chelsea Williams didn’t arrive as a starry-eyed dreamer seeking a catapult toward fame. It would have been a little soon for that anyway, considering she got there before she’d even started walking and talking.

    With a vocal-coach mother and that Joni Mitchell-inspired name, it’s hardly surprising that Williams embraced music early on. By 12, she was writing songs and hitting open-mic nights. At 14, she joined a band of blues players closer in age to the grandfather she never knew. She drew inspiration from that grandfather’s sacrifice of his musical aspirations to raise his five daughters. At 21, she started busking at Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. After watching her solo mom struggle to raise two daughters (even selling her guitar to buy them Christmas gifts one year), Williams’ LaLa Land desire was simply to make a living playing her dreamy-sounding pop for attentive — and hopefully generous — listeners.

    “I guess if I had to define my style, it would be sort of Americana with a bit of modern pop, topped off by a healthy dose of reckless abandon,” Williams says. “I never want to confine myself creatively, and I apply these categories very loosely.

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