Ghosts EP - 7"

    “Ghosts” is elegance personified, powered by a purposeful bass bumps and synth pulses, and of course that ethereal voice. Flip the platter over for “By The Sea” and “Virga,” the former a hypnotic, ethereal pop ballad; the latter, a luminous, gospellish slice of chilled-out soul. Point of fact, you can hear these tracks and additional two at the band’s Soundcloud page (“Canvas” is particularly compelling), so you have no excuse for not immersing yourself in Mint Trip’s sweet, hummable, danceable music.

    This order includes:

    • 7-inch LP copy of Ghosts
    • Instant download of the digital album upon purchase

    Track Listing:

    Side A

    1. Ghosts

    Side B

    1. By The Sea
    2. Virga