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    An American Girl - CD

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    Released in 2015, Cindy Alexander reflects upon her career, her start in the music industry, and all that she has learned since with the 5 song EP An American Girl. This EP is a product of those personal reflections and memories, sung to the tune of rootsy Americana instrumentation. “The songwriter is a storyteller in all its capacities as she faces the heartache of a lost love and the stirrings of sexual feelings. Intimate? Honest? Yes, Cindy Alexander is, and she is confident when she sings these songs.” – Innocent Words, 2015

      Track Listing:

      1. Play
      2. Monarch
      3. See You in L.A.
      4. Burdens and Bones (How Bad Do You Want It?)
      5. American Girl
      6. Play (Acoustic)
      7. Monarch (Acoustic)
      8. See You in L.A. (Acoustic)
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