Ties - EP

    Ties, the debut EP from Car Astor, formerly known as SEE, is the culmination of a month in the studio with producer Brad Wood and co-producer Walter Dicristina. and embodies a collection of tracks as multifaceted as Car Astor's unique talents. Ties is spacious and spellbinding – a series of songs as introspective as they are engaging. Car Astor’s lilting vocals float effortlessly over acoustic guitars and electronic elements alike, resulting in a seamless blend of alt-rock and pop.

     This order includes:

    • CD copy of Car Astor's debut EP Ties 
    • Instant download of the digital album upon purchase

    Track Listing

    1. Green Line Killer
    2. Closed Eyes Open
    3. Blue Await
    4. Potions
    5. She Cries