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    A Blue Élan Christmas - CD Collection

    This holiday season, Blue Élan Records is pleased to be able to make a difference for foster children in our community. We're continuing our annual tradition of releasing Holiday songs, with our label making a direct donation to benefit the Alliance for Children’s Rights. This CD is a 17-track collection of classic holiday jingles recorded by artists of The Blue Élan Family, including an exclusive physical release of the late Rusty Young's Christmas Every Day and Christmas Medley. The extensive tracklist includes other amazing artists like Jesse Dayton, Colin Devlin, and Chelsea Williams whose version of Christmas Waltz was featured on Spotify's New Holiday playlist.

    Kirk Pasich, Blue Élan’s co-founder, says, “Helping children is something very important to our entire label family.  Our artists donate their time and creative skills and help us help foster children.  And, the Alliance for Children’s Rights does so much to help foster children—and families who want to adopt foster children.  We like to do our small part—and hope you enjoy listening, knowing that by doing so, you, too are helping foster children.”
    The Alliance for Children’s Rights:

    This product ships out after December 3, 2021.

    This order includes:
    • CD copy of A Blue Élan Christmas Volume 2
    • CD copy of A Blue Élan Christmas - to Benefit The Alliance for Children's Right
    • Instant digital downloads of both albums

    Volume II Track Listing:

    1. The Blue Élan Family - Glorious
    2. Jesse Dayton - Christmas Time With You
    3. Mustangs Of The West - Everybody Wants Peace On Earth
    4. Roan Yellowthorn - I'll Be Home For Christmas
    5. Bob Gentry - Christmas In July
    6. Chelsea Williams - Christmas Waltz
    7. Rusty Young - Christmas Every Day
    8. Cindy Alexander - Christmas Is Here
    9. Scout Durwood - A Marshmallow World
    10. Rod Gator - Grateful For Christmas
    11. Gina Sicilia & The Blue Élan Family - Shine Down On Us
    12. Chelsea Williams - Peppermints and Mistletoe
    13. Red Wanting Blue - Christmas All Over Again
    14. Mustangs Of The West - 2000 Miles
    15. The Blue Élan Family - Sharing Christmas
    16. Rusty Young - Christmas Medley
    17. Colin Devlin - On New Year's Day

    A Blue Élan Christmas Track Listing:

    1. Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday - Janiva Magness
    2. Christmas Is Here - Cindy Alexander
    3. Christmas Every Day - Rusty Young
    4. The Christmas Song - Rita Wilson
    5. Christmas Calling - Jack Tempchin
    6. O Holy Night - Gary Hoey
    7. Light A Candle - Polly Baker
    8. Do You Hear What I Hear - Almost Young
    9. Jingle Bells - The KRA Rising Stars
    10. On This Winter Night - SEE
    11. Christmas On the Beach - Hotstop
    12. Christmas In Your Eyes - Janey Street
    13. Christmas All Year Round - Jack Tempchin
    14. For Auld Lang Syne - Cindy Alexander
    15. On New Year’s Day - Colin Devlin
    16. Another Year Come and Gone- Soul Sparrows
    17. Santa On Vacation - Jette Betrue