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    Pinkville - LP in Army Green [LIMITED EDITION]

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    • PinkvilleLP pressed in Limited-Edition Army Green
    • Instant download of the digital album upon purchase

    Like the soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t yet exist, Rod Gator’s Pinkville whips up a world filled with shellshocked war veterans, gun-wielding rock & rollers, and other down-on-their-luck characters, mixing cinematic details and electric guitars into its own version of greasy, gothic Americana.  Pinkville, his fourth releasedisplays a stunning diversity. There are psychedelic soul songs, Rolling Stones-inspired rockers, tributes to icons like Freddy Fender and Tom Petty, and a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “57 Channels (And Nothin’ On),” all captured in analog sound by co-producers Adrian Quesada and Will Walden. 

    Recorded in a series of live takes in Adrian Quesada’s Austin-area studio, Pinkville blurs the lines between roadhouse country-rock, Texas blues, Louisiana soul, and all points between. It’s haunted-sounding music for the heartland. 

      Track Listing:

      SIDE ONE

      1. Pinkville
      2. Goin' out West
      3. Westgate
      4. Rehabilitation
      5. Corpus Christi Carwash

      SIDE TWO

      1. The Heartbreakers
      2. Lord Knows
      3. Manic Depression
      4. 57 Channels
      5. Cobra
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