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    Legacy - CD + Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt


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    • CD copy of Poco's Legacy reissue
    • 1990 Legacy Tour T-Shirt crafted from 100% eco-friendly cotton, available in Navy Blue 
      • Relive the unforgettable 1990 Summer Reunion Legacy Tour with this recreation of the official Poco T-Shirt! This faithful reprint of the original navy blue design is perfect for any Poco fan!

    Originally released in 1989 by RCA Records, Legacy finds the original 1968 Poco lineup of Richie Furay, Jim Messina, Randy Meisner, George Grantham, and Rusty Young back together.The album features stand-out tracks “When It All Began,” “Nothin’ to Hide,” and “Call It Love.” “Call It Love” peaked at #18 on the Hot 100 and reached #2 on both the US Mainstream Rock chart and the Adult Contemporary chart. The success of Legacy helped solidify Poco’s place in music history as pioneers of the country rock genre, and was widely celebrated by both fans and critics. Legacy showcases Poco's signature blend of country and rock, with heartfelt lyrics and unforgettable melodies. From the soaring harmonies of 'When It All Began' to the foot-stomping rhythms of 'Call It Love,' Legacy is a timeless masterpiece. 

    The CD packaging was inspired by the original artwork, and features the original liner notes and lyrics. Legacy was recorded primarily at Ocean Way studio in Hollywood, CA, and was supported by a series of reunion tour dates throughout 1990. The album was produced by David Cole, with the exception of “Nothin’ To Hide” which was co-written and produced by Richard Marx.

    "With each track, 'Legacy' showcases a band that hasn't lost its touch. Fans of Poco's early work will appreciate this album just as much as those who missed them the first time around." Rolling Stone

    "Listening to 'Legacy,' it's clear that Poco hasn't missed a beat. This is a band that still knows how to make great music." No Depression

    "A true gem of country-rock, 'Legacy' captures the essence of Poco's unique sound and serves as a testament to their enduring legacy." American Songwriter

    "Poco sounds as vital and accomplished as they did in their prime. 'Legacy' serves as a reminder of their timeless brand of country-rock." AllMusic

     Track Listing:

    1. When It All Began
    2. Call It Love
    3. The Nature Of Love
    4. What Do People Know
    5. Nothin' To Hide
    6. Look Within
    7. Rough Edges
    8. Who Else
    9. Lovin' You Every Minute
    10. If It Wasn't For You
    11. Follow Your Dreams
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