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    Kirk Pasich Project Presents A Scout Durwood Christmas - Digital Album

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    Celebrate the holidays with the new album from the Kirk Pasich Project—A Scout Durwood Christmas. The Kirk Pasich Project is a musical entity Pasich formed to bring his production concepts to life through collaboration with various musicians. The first project, One Woman Army, released in November 2023, is still getting radio play in Europe and New Zealand. Like that release, this one features Scout Durwood, a multi-talented singer, musician, comedian, actor, writer, and filmmaker. Scout says, “This album has meant a sort of reclaiming of the season for me. It was crazy fun to record, and I am brilliantly excited to share it with the world.” According to one review, A Scout Durwood Christmas is “a testament to the power of collaboration and the exploration of musical creativity within a collective framework,” and is a “beautiful work worthy of multiple listens. It has the power to transport you to a dreamland” (Sinusoidal). Or, to borrow the words of another review, “It’s a rollicking party at Durwood’s home this year,” as Scout is “by turns tender, somber, and raucous” (Q-Music). 

    Track List:

    1. What Christmas Means to Me
    2. A Marshmallow World
    3. Ain't Nothin' Like Christmas
    4. Christmas in L.A.
    5. Rise Up Shepherd
    6. Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep
    7. Jingie Bell Rock
    8. Snowman
    9. Naughty List
    10. Ugly Christmas Sweater Blues
    11. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight)
    12. White Christmas
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