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    Fanny Walked The Earth - CD

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    A 2018 comeback album from original members of the pioneering all-female 70's hard rock band Fanny! In 2016, founding sisters June and Jean Millington reunited for a concert with Brie Howard, who joined a June-less lineup of the band for the group's final record, Rock & Roll Survivors, in 1974. After finding that their chemistry clicked at this show, the trio decided to carry on as Fanny Walked the Earth, recording an eponymous album featuring cameos from the Bangles, the Runaways, and the Go-Go's, among other "all girl" bands. The album Fanny Walked the Earth came out in March 2018.

    Track Listing:

    1. Lured Away
    2. When We Need Her
    3. Walk the Earth
    4. Girls on the Road
    5. One
    6. It Happened Here
    7. Not My Monkey
    8. Cool Girl
    9. What Are You Waiting For
    10. Storm-Crossed
    11. Love Farmers
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