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    Polly Baker's Debut Album Officially Available!

    Polly Baker’s debut album Seven Zero Three is now available! The 11 tracks explore her journey through love, heartbreak, and finding herself once again.  Produced by Grammy-winner Dave Darling, Polly puts her heart into the world with 5 never-before heard songs. Growing up in a musical family that instilled the love for music at a young age, the singer-songwriter pays homage to her roots by titling her very first full-length album Seven Zero Three, the area code of her hometown [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]
    1. Should've Known Better
    2. Lesson Learned
    3. Be Like This
    4. Pretty Things
    5. Wild
    6. Good At Goodbyes
    7. Little More Time
    8. Loved Me Like That
    9. Scraped Knees
    10. Chasing Mistakes
    11. Left
    Order Seven Zero Three here: Link
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